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Remember when you were young and for every good deed you did your teacher would give you one of those pretty gold stars to put up on that chart so you could show of? Keeping that mentality in mind, this community was made around the idea that this sort of mentality helps you progress with your weight goals. This is a community to help keep your eating in check, whatever your goals are.

The community is open to those who experience disordered eating behaviors. This community is not for people who want to be a ‘healthy’ weight; if that’s your goal this community may be damaging for you. However, you don't need to be trying to lose weight to use this community -it is open to anyone with disordered eating who wants to track their food intake.

How the community works:
Once you have joined, make an initial post of your eating goals for the next while. Every day, make a post that details whether you achieved these goals or not. If you change your goals, make a post and let us know your new goals. The very fact that you’re going to be telling an entire community of like-minded people how much you ate and if you kept your goal should help you to keep within the guidelines you created for yourself.

For every 10 days that you achieve your goal you’ll receive a merit/star/credit, whatever you’d like to call it. It will be represented by a small heart next to your user name on this main info page (Image hosted by Photobucket.com ). The total number of good days you have had since joining will be noted beside your name in the first brackets. The number of good days you have had each month will be noted in the second brackets. Please keep track of your total "good days" for the current month in brackets, in the subject line of your entries, so that the maintainers can record them easily.

The rules/how to post:
1. When updating with your daily food intake, please put in your subject line either 'good day' or 'bad day' so I know if to place a heart beside your user name. The goals you set are personal, and I can't tell if you did well or badly without you telling me so.
2. Please put your user name in the "tags" section of your entries
3. Please keep track of your total number of good days for the month in brackets, in the subject line of your entries.
4. Supportive comments are encouraged.
5. If you have a bad day, make sure you post your intake behind a cut, so that you don't trigger others.

Prejudice, trolling, or anything that does not fit in the "common sense” category is not permitted here. If after being warned, you do not change your behavior, you will be banned.

How to join:
If you wish to join the community, firstly you must click on the join community link at the top of this information page.

After your membership request has been approved, please post an Introductory Post (sample below, feel free to tell us whatever you feel is relevant).

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all counts were reset on Jan 1st 2011

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