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Kate M - Drunk & Passed Out
Posted by curioussquid on 2011.05.29 at 15:05

Eating - Relcutantly.

We're Back!

Posted by curioussquid on 2011.01.08 at 13:50
Current Mood: happyhappy
 The community is being revived!

Start recording your intake today to help with your intake awareness and goals...

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Today's Calorie Total

Posted by burandeleigh on 2007.10.06 at 21:20
I hate weekends, tomorrow my family wants me to meet them at California Pizza Kitchen. I'm to talk someone into sharing something with me because I eat waaay too much Fri-Sat.

Fried Egg/Bacon sandwich on Sourdough, I think worst case scenario this would be 1028

Salad with less than one tbsp dressing 100

A literal ton of pickels and 3 Pork Short Ribs (I had no clue those tiny ribs were so high in calories) 700 calories


Not a good day on Friday

Posted by burandeleigh on 2007.10.06 at 09:20
For Friday I ate...

Breakfast: coffee oj, egg beaters, reduced fat chz 403

Lunch: Healthy Choice Panini 340

Dinner: Prime Rib Veggies, Salad w/ Blue Cheese 674

Stupid Snacks that put me over:
one cup of O.J. and a Pear Martini 341

Total: 1768

I ruined my streak by going out and having O.J and ONE drink. I'm thinking about banning O.J. but I really enjoy a cup in the mornings since I banned all cola products.

Daily Intake - New To Site

Posted by lamblove615 on 2007.07.14 at 15:29

Hi, everyone. I am new to this journal. I have been dieting for 7 years now. 
The daily intake is usually:
2-4 green apples  = 85x2 or x4 
2 cups of skim milk= 82x2 
and every 3 days - cod - 4oz. = 100
with iceberg lettuce with red vinegar and cayenne pepper on it = 50-75 
Chew sugar free gum = 50 x3 
Exercise: 3 hours a day - with a heart motor one to track exactly how many calories burnt. (-800)

good day (first one of the week)

Posted by remcyclerewind on 2007.06.28 at 14:34
After a string of days that were too stressful to think about food, today's been a really good day so far. Even though I slept later than I expected, I went on a bike ride anyways.

bagel w/ 1 tblsp cream cheese 325 calories
90 minute bicycle ride in 94 degree heat -750 calories (or possibly more, I was sweating hardcore)
1 bottle of gatorade 130 calories

and tonight I'm planning on an egg salad sandwich with miracle whip, so I'll be under 1500 for sure.

Does anyone know where I can find a discreet (preferably cheap) scale? I need one I can easily store under a sink or something, not one of those behemoths that can calculate the percentages of pretty much any liquid in your body.

Kate M - Drunk & Passed Out
Posted by curioussquid on 2006.06.07 at 23:07
Current Mood: irritatedirritated

Many members have not been posting regularly, or even fortnightly!

If you havent posted in the last two weeks, please do so as soon as possible, or you risk being removed from the community.

Flemming interview haha
Posted by curioussquid on 2006.05.06 at 15:13
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Poll #723488 New Maintainer

Check the box of any of these qualities that apply to you. Are you:

Online often?
Commited to this community?
Commited to losing or maintaing your weight?

Do you know your way around Livejournal quite well?


How often do you use livejournal?

Multiple times a day
Once a day, at least
Once every couple of days, at least.
Once or twice a week
Less than once a week

Do you post in this community even if you have bad days?

I only post when I have good days

Posted by _at_first_sight on 2006.02.17 at 16:37
I just kicked out like 10-15 inactive members, which may seem like a lot, but really a lot more of you guys deserved to get taken off the memberlist as well. I went back further than two weeks and went through ever single entry to see who had posted & commented, and I gave a lot of people the benefit of the doubt. So if you didn't get removed, don't think you can wait until it becomes necessary for me to threaten you again - from now on I'm just going to check with curioussquid first and then give you the axe. No more warnings :)

If you think you were unfairly removed, direct your frustrations/concerns to this post, please.

Kate M - Drunk & Passed Out
Posted by curioussquid on 2005.11.24 at 19:29
Current Mood: busy
These are the (new/altered) accepted and rejectd banners, which will be used if or when the community re-opens:

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